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WMO’s Montreal World Weather Open Science Conference in August

Montreal (ABC Live):“The Weather: What’s the Outlook,” is the theme of the World Weather Open Science Conference (WWOSC2014) which will bring together the entire weather science and user communities for the first time.

The conference, to be held in Montreal, Canada, 16 – 21 August 2014, will will examine the frontiers of knowledge, define new scientific goals and challenges, and explore improved ways of applying our understanding for the betterment of society. The World Meteorological Organization, international Council for Science, Environment Canada, and the National Research Council, Canada, are co-organizers.

“There has never been a more important time for weather science, which is poised for great breakthroughs. Society is extremely vulnerable to weather-related impacts and desperately need that science,” said International Organizing Committee co-chairs Alan Thorpe (European Centre for Medium Range Forecasting) and Michel Béland (former President of WMO Commission for Atmospheric Sciences).

There will be special sessions on high-impact weather such as the recent heatwaves, droughts, cold snaps and flooding events in different parts of the world.

The overarching theme is ‘Seamless Prediction of the Earth System: from minutes to months’. The Conference has two programs, joined through combined plenary and special sessions:

• The Science Program will cover basic weather research that extends our knowledge of processes and systems as well as the applied research needed to put prediction systems together – including most recently in polar regions – and assess the impacts of weather and climate events.

• The User, Application & Social Science Program will consider the challenges and opportunities associated with communicating and utilizing weather information, science, and services for social and economic benefit.

With more than 50 interactive paper, panel, and poster sessions, WWOSC2014 will provide valuable networking opportunities with scientific experts, young scientists, practitioners, and service-providers from more than 50 countries.

The deadline for submission of is 24 February. Applications for travel support, which will be offered to a limited number of qualified candidates must also be received by that date.

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