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Asia Filed Two Millions Patent Applications in 2016

New Delhi (ABC Live): Patent Applications : Asia became the first region to receive 2 million applications in a single year Offices located in Asia received just over 2 million applications in 2016, representing a 13% increase on 2015.

Asia’s share of all applications filed worldwide increased from 49.7% in 2006 to 64.6% in 2016, primarily driven by strong growth in filings in China (figure 3), which accounted for around two-thirds of all applications filed in the region. Excluding China, the share of the rest of Asia in the world total actually decreased from around 37.9% to 21.8% over the same period, mainly due to a decrease in applications filed in Japan.

Offices in North America accounted for one-fifth of the 2016 world total, while those in Europe accounted for just over one-tenth.

The combined share for Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and Oceania was 3.6%. The shares of all world regions except Asia have gradually declined over the past decade due to the rapid growth in applications filed in China.

Offices of high-income countries received almost half of all applications filed worldwide in 2016 – considerably lower than their 78.3% share in 2006 – while the share for offices of upper middle-income countries rose from 18.3% in 2006 to 47.6% in 2016 .

This shift in distribution of applications toward the upper middle-income group is largely explained by the strong growth in filings in China and the decline in Japan. Applications filed in China increased from just over 210,000 in 2006 to around 1.3 million in 2016, whereas those filed in Japan decreased from around 408,000 to around 318,000 over the same period.

China accounted for 90% of the upper middle-income group total in 2016; excluding China, the remaining upper middle-income countries received just 4.8% of total worldwide filings.

The combined share of the low- and lower middleincome groups was 2.8% in 2016, which is slightly below the 3.4% observed in 2006. However, the number of applications received by offices of these two income groups rose from 61,200 to 86,000 during the same period.


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