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UNGA, UNSC Jointly Elect Dalveer Bhandari as ICJ Judge

New York (ABC Live): Dalveer Bhandari:  International Court of Justice : The General Assembly and the Security Council today elected the fifth judge to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) concluding the 2017 elections to the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. Dalveer Bhandari, of India, received the absolute majority of votes in elections – conducted independently, but concurrently – at …

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UN Elects 4 New Judges for International Court of Justice

THE HAGUE (ABC Live): International Court of Justice : The General Assembly and the Security Council of the United Nations yesterday elected four Members of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for a term of office of nine years, beginning on 6 February 2018. Judges Ronny Abraham (France), Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf (Somalia) and Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade (Brazil) were re-elected …

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Know About International Court of Justice

New Delhi (ABC Live):The International Court of Justice is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations.  It was established by the United Nations Charter, signed in 1945 at San Francisco (United States), and began work in 1946 in the Peace Palace, The Hague (Netherlands). The International Court of Justice, which is composed of 15 judges, has a dual role:  in …

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Sea Shepherd Australia to Stop Japanese Whale Hunting in Protected Antarctic Waters

CANBERRA (ABC Live): The Australian government was urged by local anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd Australia to take measures to stop the Japanese whale hunting in protected Antarctic waters. According to a latest statement released by Sea Shepherd Australia on Sunday, Sea Shepherd has obtained compelling footage and images of three dead protected Minke Whales on the deck of the Nisshin Maru, …

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