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Marabu Theater Performs for Climate Action for Sustainability

Bonn (ABC Live):Marabu Theater : Marabu Theater, a theater company in Bonn, is working with young artists in the city to raise awareness about climate action and the need for sustainable life-styles ahead of and during of the UN Climate Change Conference COP23 (6-17 November).

The group will be performing plays for children and young people on the margins of COP23. They are called “There’s a Globe Stuck in My Throat” and “Noah, Nobody and the Yellow-bellied Cormorant”, and both seek to break down the complex global issues surrounding climate change and the need for sustainable lifestyles into digestible information.

“We are convinced that everything which concerns the problems of the world can be told for children. It’s just a question of how we tell the stories. Children live in the same world as adults and get a lot of information about the issues”, says Claus Overkamp, one of the founders and artistic director of Theater Marabu.

“There’s a Globe Stuck in My Throat” is a play written by Gerhard Meister and performed by the Young Ensemble Marabu, a group of students between the ages of 17 and 25.

The costumes are made of plastic materials to reflect the fact that current fashion trends for the most part involve the use of unsustainable products, often produced in sweatshops. Bright colors and makeup prevail, and the action is situated in a place which appears to have no concrete location or time.

“Theater cannot change the world. But it can change the way people think about the world, and when those people leave the theater, they are the ones who can make changes in the world”, says Claus Overkamp.

Bonn Set to Be a Hub of Youth Climate Action in November

The preparation of the two theater performances coincide with many other youth events ahead of and during the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn in November.

The youth climate agenda will start on November 2 with the 13th Conference of Youth (COY13). And during COP23, just across the Rhine, young people and their families will have the opportunity to participate in the Climate Change Conference for Children (“Weltklimakonferenz für Kinder, Jugendliche und Familien”) organized by the Culture Centre Brotfabrik. And there will be many other workshops, concerts, talks and cultural events designed for children, young adults and their parents.

The theater community in Bonn has a history of raising awareness about climate change through art. 
For example, over the past three years, Theater Bonn has also worked with children in the Save the World
 project. As part of this project, Berlin-based performer Bernadette La Hengst has composed climate songs which she has recorded together with school children. Here’s one example:

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