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India May Withdraw from Russian SU-57 Project

New Delhi (ABC Live): SU-57 Project : The Indian Air Force (IAF) has expressed its reservations on one of the most ambitious joint Indo-Russian defence programs to date: the co-development and production of the Sukhoi – HAL Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA), known in India as the Perspective Multi-role Fighter (PMF), SU-57 Project.

As per information  Before moving on, India wants a guarantee that it will be able to upgrade the fighter jet in the future without Russian support, which would require Moscow sharing source codes (sensitive computer code that controls the fighter jet’s various systems — the key to an aircraft’s electronic brains).

In addition, the FGFA should directly support India’s advanced medium combat aircraft (AMCA) program — a separate Indian fifth generation fighter project.

Right from beginning Russia and India disagreed on technologies that should be included into the prototype aircraft. After evaluating the first PAK FA T-50 prototype (the Russian prototype of the PMF), the Indian Air Force now  wanted more than 40 changes in Russia Variant, like weaknesses in the plane’s engine, stealth, and weapon-carrying capabilities etc.

Russia has announced in 2015 that it would only induct a squadron (18-24 aircraft) of PAK FA fighter aircraft, and procure additional Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft instead. Whereas, The original deal was that Russia to procure 250 aircrafts and India to 144 aircraft at a cost of around $30 billion by 2022.

After the evaluating the reviews of This is Russia’s first “stealth” fighter, Su-57, now India has threatened to abandon the project in its entirety and Russia has offered a number of concessions including an offer to cut down its financial contribution from $6 to $ 3.7 billion for three PAK FA T-50 prototypes and substantial technology transfers.

As per Russia version the performance and combat capabilities of the F-35 and the Su-57, the Su-57 leaves United States the F-35 considerably behind.

It is to mention that Russia’s Sukhoi Design Bureau and India’s Hindustan Aeronautics have been working on the creation of a fifth-generation fighter since 2007.

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