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Global Judicial Integrity Network to Check Corruption in Judiciary

New Delhi (ABC Live): Global Judicial Integrity Network :Corruption in the justice system – whether actual or perceived – poses a real threat to confidence in the rule of law. With this in mind, boosting judicial integrity is an integral part of the groundbreaking Doha Declaration adopted at the 13th United Nations Crime Congress in Doha in 2015.

Finding the perfect balance between integrity, transparency, accountability and judicial independence is absolutely essential for promoting culture of Lawfulness in every part of this globe.

The Judicial Integrity initiative by United Nations aims to assist judiciaries across the globe in strengthening judicial integrity and preventing corruption in the justice sector, in line with Article 11 of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. For that purpose the initiative will facilitate the creation of a Global Judicial Integrity Network.

The Global Judicial Integrity Network will give new momentum to these efforts and create a platform to support judiciaries in the:

– Exchange of best practices and lessons learned on challenges and emerging issues in judicial integrity and the prevention of corruption;

– Creation of a database of relevant resources;

– Development of tools, practical guidance manuals and training programmes to address national challenges;

– Provision of peer-to-peer advisory services, training and other capacity-building support;

– Assessments of integrity risks and in the development of effective responses to the risks identified; and

The basis of   above standards is Article 11 of the UNCAC, which states that each party shall, “without prejudice to judicial independence, take measures to strengthen integrity and to prevent opportunities for corruption among members of the judiciary”

These standards underscore the fundamental right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that everyone is entitled to a “fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of rights and obligations and of any criminal charge”

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