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CIA May Crack Aadhaar Database by ExpressLane Software

New Delhi (ABC Live): Aadhaar Database : WikiLeaks has released reports on Thursday claiming an “expose” that CIA is using tools devised by United States based the  Cross Match Technologies for cyber spying that may be used to crack the personal biometric data of Indian citizens  Aadhaar database.

It is to remind that United States based Cross Match Technologies is providing biometric solutions to the Unique Identification Authority of India, the statutory body for Aadhaar, which the the documents leaked by Wikileaks suggests that CIA  tools devised Cross Match Technologies may be used  possible to crack the Aadhaar database of more than 60 crores Indian Citizens.

Further information says that Indian partner of Cross Match Technologies, Smart Identity Devices Private Limited has already enrolled more than 60 crores citizens of India whose personal biometric data come under spying monitor of CIA, Wikileaks claimed.

Whereas, official sources denied the report and said that Cross Match Technologies is a global supplier of biometric data capturing devices only the data collected by these devices cannot reach Cross Match or any other entity as vendors collect data in an encrypted form that is transferred to Aadhaar servers directly .

Also he confirmed that Aadhaar database is safely encrypted and is not accessible to any other agency,” said official sources.

The Office of Technical Service (OTS; formerly known as the Technical Services Division and Technical Services Staff) is a component of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, supports CIA’s clandestine operations with gadgets, disguises, forgeries, secret writings, and weapons.

The CIA uses ExpressLane software designed to be deployed alongside a biometric collection system developed by Cross Match Technologies.

ExpressLane masquerades as a software update, delivered in-person by CIA technicians — but the documents make clear that the program itself will remain unchanged. Instead, the program siphons the system’s data to a thumb drive, where agents can examine it to see if there’s anything the partner system is holding back. If the partners refuse the phony update, there’s a hidden kill-switch that lets agents shut down the entire system after a set period of time, requiring an in-person visit to restore the system.

It’s still unclear who exactly those intel partners are. WikiLeaks claims the program was primarily used against US agencies like the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, although the targets are far less clear from the documents themselves. Since the CIA doesn’t maintain any significant biometric database on its own, it’s also unclear what the agency would do with any data obtained in this manner.

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