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Trump Empowers NSC, HSC for US Security

New York (ABC Live): US President Donald Trump has issued executive order empowering the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council for advising him on the safety and security of the American people. Following the executive order for the same: Organization of the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council As President, my highest priority is to ensure ... Read More »

Afghanistan Faces Mass Migration

New York (ABC Live):Amid concerns of a severe humanitarian crisis induced by sudden return home of hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees and undocumented citizens, coupled with conflict-induced displacement, the United Nations migration agency has launched a new displacement tracking system to better understand population movements and needs in the crisis-struck country. “There is an urgent need to know where ... Read More »

World Sets to Bat Against Anti-Semitism

New York (ABC Live): Decrying the anti-Semitism that led to the Holocaust, the international community today remembered millions of people who suffered in the genocide and honoured the survivors who continue to educate future generations about the ills that hatred and discrimination can bring. Calling the Holocaust “an unparalleled crime against humanity,” United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said that “history ... Read More »

UN Expresses Deep Concern Mexico Human Rights Violations

Mexico City (ABC Live):A United Nations rights expert expressed concern today about widespread impunity for crimes against human rights defenders in Mexico, noting that the situation is inducing more violations. “The failure to investigate and sanction aggressors has signalled a dangerous message that there are no consequences for committing such crimes. This creates an environment conducive to repetition of violations,” ... Read More »

UN Updates Its Whistleblower Policy

New York (ABC Live): Approving an updated United Nations whistleblower policy today, Secretary-General António Guterres is seeking to enhance protection for individuals who report possible misconduct or cooperate with duly authorized audits or investigations. As part of his reform agenda, Mr. Guterres has made it a priority for the UN to have a whistleblower protection policy that meets the highest ... Read More »

UN Worries for Myanmar Human Right Activists

New York (ABC Live): A United Nations expert warned today about possible reprisals against the people she met during her recent visit to the country, noting that she was particularly struck by the fear of some she spoke to “who were afraid of what would happen to them after talking to me.” “There is one word that has hung heavily ... Read More »

UN Pledges for Nuclear Weapons Free World

New York (ABC Live):Disarmament can play an important role in ending existing conflicts and preventing the outbreak of new strife, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said today, pledging to actively pursue the abolition of all weapons of mass destruction and the strict regulation of conventional weapons. “I am committed to achieving a world free of nuclear weapons,” the Secretary-General declared ... Read More »

Iran Complies JCPOA Norms: IAEA

New York (ABC Live): JCPOA Norms : Iran has removed excess centrifuges and infrastructure from the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant in line with its nuclear-related commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The JCPOA Norms required Iran, within one year from Implementation Day, to complete the removal of all excess centrifuges and infrastructure from the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant and to ... Read More »

Accurate Data Guarantees UN SDGs: World Data Forum

Cape Town (ABC Live):World Data Forum : The first-ever United Nations World Data Forum is set to kick off in Cape Town, South Africa, on 15 January 2017, with the aim of increasing political and resource support for statistical capacity building worldwide. “Talking about data, statistics – these are very important subjects for the Member States, right from the beginning ... Read More »

ILO Predicts Jobs Scarcity in 2017

New York (ABC Live): Jobs Scarcity :  The United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) released its 2017 World Employment and Social Outlook report today, which finds economic growth trends lagging behind employment needs and predicts both rising unemployment and worsening social inequality throughout 2017. “We are facing the twin challenge of repairing the damage caused by the global economic and social ... Read More »