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IAEA Completes Review National Nuclear Security Practices in Republic of Korea

ABC Live( 7 March 2014 | Daejeon, Republic of Korea (ROK) –- A team of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts today completed a mission to review national nuclear security practices in the Republic of Korea. At the request of the Government of the ROK, the IAEA conducted a two-week International Physical Protection Advisory Service (IPPAS) mission that reviewed the nation’s nuclear security-related ... Read More »

UN Launches Children, Not Soldiers’ Campaign

New Delhi (ABC Live):The United Nations today launched a new initiative to end the recruitment and use of children in Government forces in conflict by 2016, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressing that children should be armed with pens and textbooks, not guns. Around the world, thousands of boys and girls are recruited into Government forces and armed opposition groups to serve as ... Read More »

Crimean Parliament Voted to join the Russia

New Delhi (ABC Live):The Crimean Parliament has voted to join the Russian Federation prior to the referendum on the status of the autonomy. This is a logical move, as it relieves tension on the peninsula and brings certainty for the international community, Deputy Secretary of the Public Chamber of Russia, Vladislav Grib told ABC Live. “This decision may ease the ... Read More »

Unfavorable Weather Hikes Global Food Prices:FAO

New Delhi (ABC Live):6 March 2014 – Global food prices in February rose to their highest level since mid-2012 as a result of unfavourable weather and increased demand, the United Nations food agency today reported. In a news release, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said its most recent Food Price Index, which measures the monthly change in international prices ... Read More »

UN Ask Venezuela to clarify Its Position on Violence Against Protesters, Journalists

New Delhi (ABC Live):6 March 2014 – A group of independent United Nations human rights experts has asked the Venezuelan Government for prompt clarification of allegations of arbitrary detention and excessive use of force and violence against protesters, journalists and media workers during recent protests. “The recent violence amid protests in Venezuela need to be urgently and thoroughly investigated, and ... Read More »

European Union Issues Ban Threat on Ukraine Crisis, Russia Ignores It

New Delhi (ABC Live): After French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Wednesday warned Russia of rapid European Union sanctions if attempts to reach a diplomatic solution to end Ukraine’ s crisis failed, the A top Russian legislator has urged the West to stop threatening sanctions against Moscow, as the potential isolation could be mutually counter-productive. “Threats and language of sanctions ... Read More »

UNSC Lifts Partial Arms Embargo on Somalia

New Delhi (ABC Live):The Security Council today authorized a partial lifting of its arms embargo on Somalia until 25 October. Unanimously adoption resolution 2142 (2014) under the Charter’s Chapter VII, the Council decided that the embargo did not apply to deliveries of weapons, ammunition or military equipment, or the provision of advice, assistance or training intended solely for the development of Somalia’s ... Read More »

UNSC Extends 13 Months Sanction Against DPRK

New Delhi(ABC Live):Determining that the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and their means of delivery continued to constitute a threat to international peace and security, the Security Council today unanimously adopted a resolution extending for 13 months the mandate of the Panel of Experts that assists the Sanctions Committee on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. In adopting resolution 2141 (2014) ... Read More »

Ukrainian Parliament Rectifies European Union 610 Million Euro Loan

KIEV (ABC Live):The Ukrainian parliament ratified a deal Tuesday in which the European Union (EU) will provide Kiev with a 610-million-euro (around 840 million U.S. dollars) loan. The measure, which is aimed at stabilizing the country’s financial system, was supported by 280 lawmakers in the 450-seat assembly. The loan would be allocated via four tranches and has to be repaid ... Read More »

Russia Troops Will Remain in Crimea Region to protect Russian interests

Moscow (ABC Live): Russia has vowed its troops will remain in Ukraine to protect Russian interests and citizens until the political situation has been “normalised”. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia was defending human rights against “ultra-nationalist threats”. Russia is now in de facto military control of the Crimea region, despite Western condemnation of a “violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty”. Ukraine ... Read More »