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Judicial Reforms

Contents of this category are provided by Association for Judicial Reforms (India) for in the Interest of Justice for all.

India Decides to Allot Judge UID for Mapping Performance

New Delhi (ABC Live): Judge UID : The government has decided to allocate a unique identification (UID) number to every judge in the country, including those in the Supreme Court and the 24 high courts. The Judge UID  would to help the Supreme Court track the performance of individual judges and make all judgments delivered through his or her career …

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Duty Of The Public Prosecutor In The Criminal Justice System

An ideal Prosecutor must consider herself/himself as an agent of justice. In India, we have a public prosecutor who acts in accordance with the directions of the judge. Normally, the control of entire trial is in the hands of the trial judge. Investigation is the prerogative of the police. However, it is generally believed that traditional right of nulle prosequi …

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