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Bunker Industry All Set to Comply Sulphur Limit

New York (ABC Live): Bunker Industry : An audience of ship owners, fuel suppliers, traders and maritime technology providers attending the IBC Asia Bunkering conference in Singapore has heard about IMO’s latest work on low carbon shipping and air pollution control.

IMO’s Edmund Hughes provided an update on the work being carried out by the Organization to support effective and consistent implementation of the 0.50% global limit on the sulphur content of fuel oil which will apply from 1 January 2020.

Preparations by the bunker industry for complying with the sulphur limit was one of the key issues being discussed at the conference (26-28 July). These included strategies surrounding likely types of compliant fuel oil, use of exhaust gas cleaning systems, and development of a bunkering infrastructure to supply gas for use as an alternative fuel.

Mr. Hughes also highlighted progress on the roadmap for the development of a comprehensive IMO strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships.

Find out more about decisions taken at the Marine Environment Protection Committee’s 71st session in July, here.

The International Bunker conference (IBC) has a long history supported by the industry and has remained a proactive forum since its introduction in 1979.

Through the years the conference has been hosted by BI Norwegian Business School.

BI’s strategy for 2015-2018 has defined and prioritized activities that will strengthen and support BI’s core areas; research, education, and the development and delivery of programs in leadership, management, administration, finance and marketing.

With BI’s future focus on core business and primary research areas, BI will not be able to maintain the same quality and level of involvement in this segment of the industry. With this background, BI decided to withdraw from the IBC effective from 2017 and hand over the baton to The International Bunker Conference (IBC) SA. 

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