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Daily Archives: February 13, 2018

Trump Calls Congress to Pass $1.5 trillion Infrastructure Legislation

Washington (ABC Live): Infrastructure Legislation : A Nation’s infrastructure is a measure of its greatness. It affects everyone’s quality of life and ability to succeed. That is why President Donald J. Trump unveiled a plan this week calling on Congress to pass legislation giving Americans a network of vital infrastructure that will make them proud, strong, and safe. The President …

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UN Confirms 5000 Child Soldiers Released in 2017

New York (ABC Live):Child Soldiers : The global commitment to end the use of children in armed conflict led to the release and reintegration of more than 5,000 children in 2017, but tens of thousands of boys and girls are still being recruited, kidnapped, and forced to fight or work for military groups or armed forces at “alarming rates,” according …

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Valentine Day UNEP Calls to End Relationship with Single Use Plastic

Goa (ABC Live): Valentine Day UNEP : As many countries prepare to mark Valentine’s Day, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is calling on people to end their “toxic relationship” with single-use plastic and find “new love,” with more environmentally sustainable options. In It’s not me, it’s you, a short video for its #CleanSeas campaign, the UN environment wing takes a …

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UN Condemns Maldives Supreme Court Judges Arrest

New York (ABC Live): Maldives Supreme Court Judges Arrest  :Denouncing the detention of two Supreme Court judges in the Maldives, United Nations human rights experts warned that the independence of the judiciary is under “serious threat” in the country, as is the principle of separation of powers between the State and the courts. “It is clear that the rule of …

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