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Daily Archives: January 18, 2018

Know Doing Business Methodology on Construction Permits

New Delhi (ABC Live): Doing Business Methodology : Doing Business records all procedures required for a business in the construction industry to build a warehouse along with the time and cost to complete each procedure. In addition, Doing Business measures the building quality control index, evaluating the quality of building regulations, the strength of quality control and safety mechanisms, liability and insurance regimes, …

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Aviation Industry Serves 4.1 Billion Air Passengers in 2017

Montréal (ABC Live): Air Passengers ;A new record 4.1 billion Air Passengers were carried by the aviation industry on scheduled services in 2017, according to the preliminary figures released today by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This indicates a 7.1% increase over 2016. The number of departures rose to approximately 37 million globally, and world Air Passengers traffic, expressed …

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US Funding Cut Affects UN Palestine Refugees Reliefs

New York (ABC Live): UN Palestine Refugees Reliefs :The decision by the United States to withhold more than half its annual funding commitment to the United Nations relief agency providing aid for Palestine refugees threatens “one of the most successful and innovative human development endeavours in the Middle-East,” the head of the body said Wednesday, warning that the rights and …

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UN Chief Welcomes JCPOA Second Adversary

New York (ABC Live): JCPOA : United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Wednesday welcomed the second anniversary of the day when Iran was confirmed to have taken a series of nuclear-related actions under the nuclear agreement reached with key countries in 2015. “This marks another significant milestone” in the historic agreement, said UN Spokesman Stéphane Dujarric in a statement, noting that the Joint …

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