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Daily Archives: October 24, 2017

WMO Accredits Radio Spectrum for Meteorology

New Delhi  (ABC Live): Radio Spectrum :The recent spate of devastating tropical cyclones and fires has once again demonstrated the life-saving importance of weather forecasts and disaster warnings, which are critically dependent on radio frequency bands used around the clock by meteorological services. In the face of increasing pressure on the use of radio spectrum from wireless technology and other …

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Read IMF View on Global Recovery Challenges

Munich (ABC Live): Global Recovery Challenges: IMF First Deputy Managing Director David Lipton conveyed IMF views on Sustaining the Global Recovery Challenges. as  Sustaining the Global Recovery Challenges has become aim of all international organizations working in this field. ” Good afternoon. Thank you for the kind introduction. I am always happy to visit Germany—a country that provides an important …

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4th Conference Nuclear Power Plant Life Management Starts

Lyon (ABC Live): Nuclear Power Plant Life Management :  Increasing demand for electricity, coupled with pressures to meet global climate change targets, make convincing arguments for ensuring that nuclear power plants could operate for longer periods than originally envisaged, said experts at the opening of an IAEA conference today. More than 350 nuclear energy experts from over 39 countries and …

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650 People Die Each Day in Road Accidents in Africa

Cape Town (ABC Live): Africa : Some 650 people are killed each day in road accidents throughout Africa, a senior United Nations official today said, calling for more to be done to keep drivers – as well as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists – safe. “There is projected increase in urbanization, motorization, infrastructure development projects and vehicle ownership in the region over …

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UN Raises $344 million for Rohingya Relief Programmes

New York (ABC Live):  Rohingya Relief Programmes : A United Nations-supported humanitarian conference today raised more than $344 million to fund critical relief programmes for Rohingya refugees and host communities in Bangladesh. The exodus – which began in late August – continues unabated, making the crisis the fastest growing refugee emergency in the world today. As of Sunday, some 603,000 …

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CMS Integrates Wildlife with Sustainable Development

New York (ABC Live): CMS :Unless the international community integrates wildlife conservation with sustainable development, it will not be able to protect the remaining animal species on Earth, the head of a United Nations-backed environmental treaty today said at the opening of a wildlife conference in the Philippines. “Development without a regard for the environment is not sustainable. Their future …

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