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Daily Archives: September 28, 2017

Know Judge Four Fundamental Qualities

New Delhi (ABC Live) : Judge Four Fundamental Qualities  : A judge has to be possessed of excellence not only from within but he should also visibly display the functional excellence which is necessary to fulfil the constitutional promise of justice by the judiciary as a whole. Four qualities are needed in a judge which are symptomatic of functional excellence. …

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India Global Competitiveness Ranking Improves to 40th Place

New Delhi (ABC Live); India Global Competitiveness Ranking : India indexed at 40th place in WEF Global Competitiveness Report released on September 26, 2017. India stabilizes its position on 40th place this year after its big leap forward of the previous two years. The India Global Competitiveness Ranking improves across most pillars of competitiveness, particularly infrastructure (66th, up two), higher …

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WEF Global Competitiveness Report Confirms Steady Growth

New Delhi (ABC Live); WEF Global Competitiveness Report  : Almost 10 years after the economic crisis, the world economy is in much better shape. The slow yet steady growth seen over the last few years is set to continue, with a predicted 3.5% in growth in 2017. However, we are living in a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty. Geopolitical …

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UNSC Accredits ICAO Global Aviation Security Plan

New York (ABC Live): ICAO Global Aviation Security Plan : Highlighting multifaceted threats to aviation security in the context of international peace and security, the head of the United Nations civil aviation body urged greater cooperation among Member States, at all levels, to make global aviation security more effective. “We must find a way to identify and judiciously share essential …

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World Tourism Day 2017 Reminds Green Tourism

New Delhi (ABC Live): World Tourism Day 2017 : Yesterday was World Tourism Day 2017, an opportunity to remind people of the importance of responsible and sustainable tourism for development and environmental protection. The UN’s World Tourism Organization (WTO) estimates that tourism is responsible for nearly 5 % of global CO2 emissions. Out of these 5%, transport is responsible for …

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HydroSOS to Assess Global Hydrological Variability

New Delhi (ABC Live): HydroSOS  : Following weeks of floods that have devastated different parts of the world, leading hydrologists are working to develop the first worldwide hydrological monitoring and modelling system aimed at helping countries prepare better for floods and droughts. Scientists have converged in Entebbe, Uganda this week to scope out a four-year plan to deliver the World …

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