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Daily Archives: September 9, 2017

UNESCO Aims Literacy through Digital Tools

New York (ABC Live): UNESCO :New technologies open opportunities to improve lives and connect globally, but they can also marginalize those who are illiterate and lack other essential skills needed to navigate them, a senior United Nations official today said, highlighting that some 750 million adults worldwide are not literate. “Traditionally, literacy has been considered a set of reading, writing and …

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Know Rules of Origin Principle in World Trade

New Delhi (ABC Live): Rules of Origin Principle : Rules of origin  are the criteria used to define where a product was made. They are an essential part of trade rules because a number of policies discriminate between exporting countries: quotas, preferential tariffs, anti-dumping actions, countervailing duty (charged to counter export subsidies), and more. Rules of origin are also used …

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Care Economy Promises Future Jobs for Women

New Delhi (ABC Live): Care Economy: Care work is to be found in a variety of settings and across formal and informal economies. Some of this care is provided by the health services sector, most of which is formal and public. Public services for childcare, early childhood education, disability and long-term care, as well as elder care, are other areas …

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