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Daily Archives: September 3, 2017

Xiamen BRICS Summit Aims Stronger Partnership for Brighter Future

Xiamen (ABC Live): Xiamen BRICS Summit :The ninth annual BRICS summit all set to start in Xiamen from 3 – 5 September under China’s chairmanship. Xiamen BRICS Summit  theme is “BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future”. President Xi Jinping has outlined four priorities for the summit: 1) deepen BRICS cooperation for common development; 2) enhance global governance to jointly …

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UNAMA Confirms 28 Civil Causalities in Aerial Operations

Kabul (ABC Live): UNAMA  : At least 28 women and children were killed and an additional 16 injured in air strikes this week in Afghanistan, the United Nations political mission in the country said in initial findings of its probe into the deaths. The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan  UNAMA  urged authorities to ensure independent, impartial and prompt investigations of both incidents, …

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Flood Hit South Asia 16 Million Children Seek Life-Saving Support

New York (ABC Live): Flood Hit South Asia :The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said today that an estimated 16 million children are in urgent need of life-saving support in the wake of torrential monsoon rains and catastrophic flooding in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. “Millions of children in Flood Hit South Asia have seen their lives swept away by these …

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