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Monthly Archives: August 2017

UN Alerts Philippines on Human Rights Violations

New Delhi (ABC Live):Human Rights Violations :A group of United Nations experts has urged the Government of the Philippines to immediately address reported human rights violations, including murder, threats against indigenous peoples and the summary execution of children. “Attacks are spiralling against many groups in society and we are making an urgent appeal for Government action,” said a joint statement issued by …

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UN Recognises Contribution World Ranger Day

New York (ABC Live): World Ranger Day :Park rangers across the world face increasing challenges and risks due to a surge in poaching and illicit trafficking in wildlife, the head of the United Nations entity on protection of endangered species today said, honouring the work of park rangers in protecting wild animals, plants and culture. “Honest and hardworking park rangers …

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NAAC Monitors Private Universities in India

New Delhi (ABC Live):NAAC :National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is the recognized accreditation agency in the Country for all Higher Educational (Non-technical) Institutions. As per procedure for accreditation, the Institutions/Universities submit the data and information in the prescribed format to NAAC. The data are validated by a peer team constituted by NAAC before submission of its report to NAAC …

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India Natural Rubber Consumption Increases 5 percent

New Delhi (ABC Live):India Natural Rubber Consumption : Consumption of Natural Rubber (NR) has  increased from 994,415 tonne in 2015-16 to 1044,075 tonne in 2016-17 mainly due to rise in the demand of auto tyre sector.  The details are as under: Consumption of NR (Tonne)   2015-16 2016-17 (Provisional) Growth (%) Auto Tyre Sector 663,495 707,335 6.6 Non-Tyre sector 330,920 …

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India Signs New Trade Agreement with Bhutan

New Delhi (ABC Live): New Trade Agreement :The bilateral trade relations between India and Bhutan are governed by the Agreement on Trade, Commerce and Transit between the Government of India and Bhutan. The Agreement provides for a free trade regime between the territories of India and Bhutan. The Agreement also provides for duty free transit of Bhutanese merchandise for trade …

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International Army Games Starts in Russia

New Delhi (ABC Live):International Army Games :The Tank Biathlon commenced with the opening ceremony of International Army Games at Alabino Ranges, Russia on 29 July 2017. Nineteen nations with three crews each are competing with each other in the Stage I individual races to qualify for the Stage II which will be a relay race. Top twelve teams will be …

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