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Daily Archives: July 22, 2017

Cow to Save Human from HIV Virus

New Delhi (ABC Live):HIV Virus :The immune system of cows produce antibodies that can neutralise 96% varieties of the human immunodeficiency virus HIV Virus. This research findings have given the scientists a hope to create the vaccine against this HIV virus as per an article published in Nature magazine described a study conducted at the Scripps Research Institute in La …

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Adequate Food Right for All is Universal Agenda

New Delhi (ABC Live): Adequate Food Right  : With over 795 million people going to bed hungry every night, the right to adequate food is far from being fulfilled. However, the permanent eradication of hunger and the realization of the Adequate Food Right of all are achievable goals. Because of its legally binding nature, the realization of the right to adequate food is not …

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NITI Aayog Meets on Resource Efficiency Strategy

New Delhi (ABC Live):  Resource Efficiency Strategy is a key element of Sustainable Development. This is reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 12 which aims to Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns. Eight other SDG goals (2, 6, 7,8,9,11,14 and 15) also have a bearing on resource efficiency. resource There is a global commitment to achieving efficiency in order …

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Government Sets Up GST Monitoring Committee

New Delhi (ABC Live):The Government of India has setup a Central GST Monitoring Committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary. Three meetings of the Central GST Monitoring Committee have been held on 2nd July, 11th July and 18th July. The reports include the details of feedback received from various Ministries and Departments regarding the following issues: Steps taken by department to …

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National Trade Facilitation Action Plan to Ease Hurdles

New Delhi (ABC Live):National Trade Facilitation Action Plan :The Union Finance Minister, Shri Arun Jaitley said that the National Trade Facilitation Action Plan (NTFAP) aims to align border procedures with international best practices and improve Ease of Doing Business. He said that it would not only ensure compliance with the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) but would also give impetus to trade …

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91 percent Complaints Consumer Protection Law Disposed

New Delhi (ABC Live): Consumer Protection : Indian Government has claimed that 91.23% consumer complaints disposed of against complaints filed since inception under Consumer Protection Law. The details of complaints filed/disposed of before/by the National, State and District Consumer Fora are given below in the table. The Government has made the following efforts for disposal of the pending backlog: (1)    State …

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