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Daily Archives: April 18, 2017

Globalization Backlash Suits South Asian Countries

WASHINGTON (ABC Live):, Globalization Backlash :Possible protectionism in advanced economies should not deter export-oriented growth in South Asia, a region that could even benefit from the backlash against globalization, a new World Bank report said today. The report also confirms that South Asia remains the fastest-growing region in the world, gradually widening its lead relative to East Asia. Regional GDP growth is expected ... Read More »

India Gets 375 million World Bank Loan for Inland Waterways

Washington (ABC Live): Inland Waterways :The World Bank will support India as it sustainably develops its first modern Inland Waterways based transport fairway on a 1,360 km-stretch of the Ganga river between Varanasi and the seaport of Haldia, bringing thousands of jobs in cargo logistics and transportation to one of the most populous regions in the country.  The World Bank’s Board ... Read More »

FAO Sets New Norms for International Trade Plants-Seeds

New Delhi (ABC Live):International Trade Plants-Seeds :A United Nations commission overseeing plant health has adopted a new global standard to ensure that International Trade in Plants-Seeds – vital to feed the world’s population – is free from agricultural pests and disease-causing bugs. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the threat of transmission of pests – unwanted stowaways – on ... Read More »

UN Condemns Formation of National Security Council in Somalia

New York (ABC Live): National Security Council :The United Nations and other members of the international community today commended Somalia’s Federal Government and the Federal Member States for agreeing to form a National Security Council , as well as decisions taken on priorities such as fighting corruption and drought response. These decisions follow two days of consultations held in the ... Read More »