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Daily Archives: April 15, 2017

Satellite Imagery Reveals Real Mosul Destruction

New York (ABC Live):Mosul Destruction :Using satellite imagery and local researches, the most recent evaluation confirms that western Mosul Destruction has undergone extensive destruction, “far greater than in the east,” according to a senior United Nations aid official in the country. “The level of damage in western Mosul Destruction is already far greater than in the east, even before the battle to ... Read More »

60,000 persons Come Under Operation Clean Money

New Delhi (ABC Live); Operation Clean Money  :Extensive enforcement action by the Income Tax Department (ITD) has led to seizures worth over Rs 818 crore and detection of undisclosed income of over Rs 9,334 crore Impact of action visible in the increase of 21.7% in the Income Tax Returns for FY 2016-17; 16% increase in Gross Collection; 14% growth in ... Read More »

Somali Pirates Releases Indian Dhow Al-Kausar

New Delhi (ABC Live): Dhow Al-Kausar :Indian registered dhow ‘Al-Kausar’ was hijacked off the island of Socotra on 01 Apr 17. The vessel was taken to the port of Hobyo, on the eastern coast of Somalia and the 10 crew members were captured and held by pirates. Indian Navy redeployed its ship, operating in the Gulf of Aden for Anti-Piracy ... Read More »