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Daily Archives: April 4, 2017

Putin Visits St. Petersburg Metro Explosion Site

Moscow (ABC Live): The explosion in the metro of St. Petersburg was conducted by a suicide bomber, Interfax reports with reference to law-enforcement agencies. The terrorist has already been identified. Earlier, it was reported that the terrorist suspect left a suitcase bomb in the carriage and left. “According to one of the versions, the explosive device was detonated in the ... Read More »

CBDT Asks Public Comments on Sham Transactions

New Delhi (ABC Live): Sham Transactions :Section 10(38) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (‘the Act’), prior to its amendment by Finance Act, 2017, provided that the income arising by way of a transfer of long term capital asset, being equity share in a company, shall be exempt from tax if such transfer is undertaken after 1st October, 2004 and chargeable to Securities Transaction ... Read More »

India Issues Directives on Explosives Rules 2008

New Delhi (ABC Live): Explosives Rules 2008 :A recent accident during display of fireworks at Paravoor, Kerala has brought out several discrepancies such as lack of effective enforcement of the Explosive Rules 2008 on the part of the district administration, use of unauthorized fireworks, viz. Amittus, Kuzhiminnal, Palm leaf crackers, multishots, gundus etc., use of unauthorized chemicals i.e. potassium chlorate in ... Read More »

ECI Refutes EVMs Tampering Allegations

New Delhi (ABC Live): EVMs Tampering Allegations  :Certain baseless observations and allegations have been made by a leader of a political party today in a press conference regarding the use of EVMs. It has been alleged that EVMs as per law cannot be taken out for 45 days from the date of declaration of results but still EVMs for the bye-polls ... Read More »

IPCC Approves Report on Oceans and Cryosphere

New Delhi (ABC Live):The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has agreed the outlines of two new reports that will help governments understand the impact climate change is having on human activities and nature on land and sea and how human activity in these areas is affecting climate change. The Panel approved the outlines of the Special Report on Oceans and ... Read More »

Sustainable Development With Population Ageing: UN

New Delhi (ABC Live):Population ageing :The United Nations advisory body on issues related to population and development today kicked off its annual session, with a focus on changing population age structures and sustainable development. “Population ageing and population decline have now become key issues for a growing number of Member States,” Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs Wu Hongbo told ... Read More »

UN Appreciates China Ban on Ivory Trade

New York (ABC Live):Ivory Trade : Applauding the Chinese Government’s closure of many of its ivory factories and retail outlets, the United Nations environment wing has called on other countries and territories to follow China’s example and improve the survival prospects for elephants across the world. The move, announced by the country’s State Forestry Administration, represents the first concrete steps ... Read More »

Renewable Energy to Cost Cheaper Then Fossil Energy: UNEP

New York (ABC Live): A new United Nations-backed report has revealed overwhelming consensus that renewable power will dominate in the future, with many experts saying that even large international corporations are increasingly choosing renewable energy products either from utilities or through direct investment in their own generating capacity. “[The report] is meant to spur discussion and debate about both the ... Read More »