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Monthly Archives: March 2017

INCOIS Maps Indian Coastal Vulnerability

New Delhi (ABC Live): INCOIS :The Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) has assessed shoreline change using the satellite data acquired during 1972-2000 in order to calculate the shoreline change rate. Shoreline change rate is one of the input parameters to calculate the coastal vulnerability index along the Indian coast. This work was carried out during the period ... Read More »

17.2 Deliveries in India through Caesarean Section: NFHS-IV

New Delhi (ABC Live): Caesarean section rates higher than 10% are not associated with reductions in maternal and newborn mortality rates. The percentage of deliveries conducted by Caesarean section in the country is 17.2% as per National Family Health Survey-IV (2015-16). State-wise data is given below: Birth in Health Facility by Caesarean Section (%) S.No. States Birth delivered by C ... Read More »

Ministry of Power Denies LED Bulbs Scam in UJALA Scheme

New Delhi (ABC Live): UJALA Scheme :In a response to allegations raised in some newspapers today , Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) a company under the administrative control of Ministry of Power has strongly refuted the claims, stating it is false, misleading and devoid of any facts. Dismissing the allegations, EESL has stated that LED bulbs are procured by the ... Read More »

India to Implement UNECE WP-29-1998 Agreement

New Delhi (ABC Live):UNECE WP-29-1998 Agreement : India is a signatory of UNECE, WP-29, 1998 agreement and takes active part in the formulation of Global Technical Regulations. As such all safety norms prescribed under CMVR 1989 are based on UN regulated international standards. Although government has not put any mechanism in place to monitor and redress manufacturing defects, Indian Auto ... Read More »

India Extends Its Training Opportunities to IAEA Members

New Delhi (ABC Live):  IAEA  : Nuclear professionals from across Asia will benefit from extended cooperation agreed on by IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano and Sekhar Basu, Chairman of India’s Atomic Energy Commission last week. IAEA-nominated experts in advanced nuclear energy, nuclear security, radiological safety, nuclear material characterisation and applications of radioisotopes and radiation technologies will be able to use ... Read More »

Food,Nutrition Security Insures Rural Transformation

New Delhi (ABC Live): Food and nutrition security – reliable access to food in sufficient quantity and quality to enjoy a healthy and active life, coupled with a sanitary environment, adequate health services, and knowledgeable care – is a central determinant of broad social and economic welfare (FAO 2013; Timmer et al. 1983).100 Typically, where food and nutrition insecurity is ... Read More »

Extreme Weather, Climate Conditions Also in 2017: WMO

New Delhi (ABC Live):The year 2016 made history, with a record global temperature, exceptionally low sea ice, and unabated sea level rise and ocean heat, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Extreme weather and climate conditions have continued into 2017. WMO issued its annual statement on the State of the Global Climate ahead of World Meteorological Day on 23 March. It ... Read More »

Efficient Soil Management Mitigates Climate Change

New Delhi (ABC Live): Soil Management: Warning of “colossal” negative impacts for the environment and human societies if the massive stores of carbon trapped in the Earth’s soils are released, Fijian president Jioji Konousi Konrote called for stronger management of this critical natural resource at the start of an international symposium . There is currently more carbon locked up in ... Read More »

Climate Change Forces Rural Transport Transformation

New Delhi (ABC Live):Rural Transport Transformation :India is in the midst of implementing PMGSY, a $35-billion national level Rural Road Program designed to provide basic road access to rural communities. The World Bank is supporting PMGSY through a series of lending operations ($1.8 billion in Bank funding) and significant knowledge support. A key element of the Bank’s support has been to integrate ... Read More »

Supreme Court Asks Law Commission to Define Hate Speech

New Delhi (ABC Live): Law Commission : Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in Pravasi Bhalai Sangathan v. Union of India (AIR 2014 SC 1591) had asked the Law Commission of India to examine if it ‘deems proper to define hate speech and make recommendations to the Parliament to strengthen the Election Commission to curb the menace of “hate speeches” irrespective ... Read More »